Our Story

In the heart of Kuala Lumpur stands the iconic Coliseum Cafe, a cherished emblem of Malaysia's colourful past and vibrant present. Established in 1921, during the height of the British empire, the Cafe was more than a place of nourishment; it was a sanctuary, a meeting spot, and a repository of tales and history.

Our cafe has witnessed the changing tides of history, serving as a favourite hangout for colonial officers, military personnel, planters, and miners during the turbulent times of the Malayan Emergency (1948-1960). This place of solace echoed with tales of their lives, struggles, and dreams over a glass of whisky stengah or a gin and tonic, followed by a comforting meal.

The Cafe's legacy extends beyond the local patrons. The celebrated writer Somerset Maugham frequented our bar during his time in Kuala Lumpur, adding a touch of literary history to our Cafe.

History of Coliseum Cafe

Established in 1921, Coliseum Cafe is one of the oldest eatery in Malaysia and is now a Centenarian. 102 years old, Coliseum Cafe is one of the iconic colonial heritage in Malaysia.

In the early days, the restaurant served the British who worked and lived in Malaya. It was patronised by government officers, tin miners, planters, traders and military personnel, together with their families who swung by for lunch, tea and dinner. Over time, the Western Colonial cuisine evolved into its own unique taste profile and identity as the Hainanese chefs from China, concocted their own interpretation of the western dish.

One would detect delicate influences of ingredients synonymous with the Malay. Chinese and Indian Cuisine and certain dishes are mixed with the local spices and style by the chefs. A few decades after, what is now served at the Coliseum Cafe, is famously known as Western Hainanese Cuisine.

Our Story

At the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the renowned Coliseum Cafe stands as a celebrated symbol of Malaysia's diverse cultural tapestry. Since its establishment in 1921, the Cafe has grown to be more than a venue for great food; it has become a convivial gathering spot and a trove of shared memories and stories.

Over the years, Coliseum Cafe has been a beloved sanctuary for various facets of Malaysian society - a space where tales of resilience, ambition, and dreams were shared across the table. Every visit, every meal, adding another thread to the rich tapestry of our shared narrative.

Our cafe's legacy isn't limited to our local patrons. Eminent figures from different walks of life, including acclaimed writers and creatives, have graced our venue, enriching the cultural and intellectual resonance of Coliseum Cafe. This storied past underscores our commitment to remaining a cherished gathering place for all, while continuously evolving to cater to the diverse palates of our clientele.

A Legacy Evolved

Despite challenges and shifts in times, Coliseum Cafe has always innovated and adapted. Recent global events led to significant transformations, paving the way for a reimagined Coliseum Cafe.

Emerging stronger and more dynamic, our Cafe today marries the familiar with the novel, embodying a balance that feels both comforting and exciting. With thriving outlets in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, and Putrajaya, Coliseum Cafe continues to engage and enthrall patrons with its unique fusion of Western and Hainanese-style cuisine.

Staying true to our roots while embracing change, we carry forward a legacy of warmth, hospitality, and exquisite flavours, keeping pace with the culinary trends and preferences of today's world.

Our Cuisine

Coliseum Cafe was born from a harmonious blend of diverse culinary traditions, reflecting the multicultural essence of Malaysia. Our menu embodies this unity, offering a fusion of Western influences and local Malaysian flavours. Our sizzling steak is a symbol of our gastronomic journey, its enticing aroma rising in the air, carrying the essence of this blend from the kitchen to your table. Every dish we serve is a celebration of Malaysia's rich culinary landscape and a testament to our commitment to bringing you an unparalleled dining experience.

Our People

Throughout our ONE CENTURY of history, our staff has been the backbone of the Cafe. Some have spent their lifetime in service, growing old with the place itself, embodying its values, its warmth, and its history. Their dedication, coupled with the nostalgia-tinged atmosphere and our commitment to quality, ensures a dining experience like no other.

Continuing to Evolve

As Coliseum Cafe entered a new era, we ushered in a fresh perspective while staying true to our classic allure. Our outlets, while reflecting the vintage charm that our patrons love, now exude a more contemporary and welcoming ambiance, appealing to a broader audience.

Our team, energetic and warm, is dedicated to providing swift service and ensuring a memorable dining experience. With a deep respect for our established menu and a commitment to innovation, we continue our journey, crafting new chapters in our enduring story.

Our Heritage Lives On

Today, the Coliseum Cafe continues to be a beacon of nostalgia, gastronomy, and shared history. We serve the old favourites alongside traditional Western dishes and continually strive to offer a memorable dining experience. As you dine with us, surrounded by reminders of our vivid past, we hope you too feel a part of our ongoing story.
© Coliseum 2023. All Rights Reserved. Designed by Lunix Creative.

© Coliseum 2023. All Rights Reserved.
Designed by Lunix Creative.